what we do


Industry Engage helps small businesses renegotiate the rents on their properties, prices of their suppliers, and their utilities.


The directors – Michael and David Dalrymple have over 36 years of experience in professional negotiation & running SME’s so we know how complicated it can be to run a successful business, we understand the pressures of having your own business even when the economy is strong but when things take a downturn we realise the unique challenges of trying to stay afloat through a recession.


In a poorly performing economy SAVING MONEY is key – This is where Industry Engage can help, we lower your costs, improving your cash flow and giving you the ability to grow your business in even the most difficult circumstances.

By using Industry Engage you:


  • Renegotiate your rent
  • Lower Your business costs
  • Improve cash flow
  • Save time by allowing us to do the work for you
  • Retain a good working relationship with landlord and suppliers


To find out how Industry Engage can help you renegotiate your rent, lower your costs and help your business survive Covid 19, get in touch now.